The Workwear business unit was born with a purpose: to ensure the safety of millions of professionals throughout Brazil. With large investments in research and technology, we have become a benchmark in FR products, antibacterials, camouflage and traditional uniforms. We guarantee protection and performance with the best conditions on the market.


These fabrics are used by the military forces, and they are essential for the protection of soldiers in battles and operations. Cedro’s technology provides mobility, lightness and resistance, reducing visibility and exposure in field actions.

FR line

Produced in partnership with Rhodia, a world leader in FR fabrics. Due to a flame retardant technology, these products guarantee protection to professionals exposed to sudden flames, electric arcs and radiation heat.

“Visual Work” Line

The Visual Work Line includes fabrics aimed at the production of uniforms for professionals working in administrative sectors. These fabrics are designed to ensure lighter, less wrinkled and more resistant uniforms. These products provide comfort and well-being.

“Security Work” Line

High performance fabrics and technology that guarantee resistance, mobility and comfort to military personnel and private security guards. They meet the needs of the industry, armed forces, traffic agents, and municipal and public and property security guards.

“Classic Work” Line

These 100% cotton fabrics are produced with an antimicrobial finishing and provide greater protection against contamination. All this, while maintaining the lightness and comfort of the uniforms. Specially aimed at healthcare professionals.