Who we are

The Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Cedro e Cachoeira, founded in 1872, is one of the main representatives of Brazil’s textile industry, with 150 years of uninterrupted activities.

Cedro dedicates to the production of jeans, denim and fabrics for the Jeanswear and Workwear segments, delivering the beauty, comfort and protection of its products to Brazil and abroad, especially in Latin America.

Our purpose

To weave a better world

Our values


To generate value by transforming fibers, yarns and fabrics into beauty, comfort and protection for people, achieving the conditions required for the sustainable continuity of our business.


To recognize the importance of people’s work by encouraging professional development, respecting diversity, providing a safe and healthy work environment, and properly recognizing their contributions.


Care for the relationships built with society, the markets and the communities throughout our history, acting with integrity, transparency, and social and environmental responsibility.

Our History

Weaving the future | Episode 1
Weaving the future | Episode 2
Weaving the future | Episode 3
Weaving the future | Episode 4

Our Team

Our greatest strength is the dedication of thousands of people. Cedro promotes training programs and professional growth plans aimed at retaining talents. Several generations of families have written their history in the company. Today, we are truly supported by more than 3,500 employees who are committed to making Cedro a benchmark in the Brazilian industry.

Our history is supported by generations of families that have embraced our business. A team that is ready to surprise, innovate and strengthen the national industry.

Our Units

Central | Office

R. Paraíba, 337 – Bairro Funcionários
Belo Horizonte (MG)
CEP: 30130-140
Telefone: (31) 3235-5000

Central | Office

R. Paraíba, 330, 9º andar – Bairro Funcionários
Belo Horizonte (MG)
CEP: 30130-917
Telefone: (31) 3235-5000

Sete Lagoas | Factory

R. Policena Mascarenhas, 680 – Bairro São Geraldo
Sete Lagoas (MG)
CEP: 35700-184
Telefone: (31) 3779-5500

Caetanópolis | Factory

Praça Cel. Aníbal Pinto Mascarenhas, 01 – Centro
Caetanópolis (MG)
CEP: 35770-970
Telefone: (31) 3714-7900

Pirapora | Factory

Av. Manfred Brandt, 665 – Distrito Industrial
Pirapora (MG)
CEP: 39270-000
Telefone: (38) 3743-7000

Pirapora | Factory

Av. Major Antônio Gonçalves, 1900 – Distrito Industrial
Pirapora (MG)
CEP: 39270-000
Telefone: (38) 3743-7000

Contagem | Distribution Center

R. Chopin, 50 – Chácaras Reunidas Santa Terezinha
Contagem (MG)
CEP: 32060-514
Telefone: (31) 3359-5600

Our certifications