Being at the forefront of fashion, following the trends that move the catwalks, innovating and bringing the solutions required by the market. We offer multiple options of construction, processing, dyeing, textures and shapes in our fabrics. The Cedro Jeanswear business unit is a universe in constant exploration. The result is the combination of style, beauty and comfort that enchant customers and companies. Get to know our products right now.

Singular 02/2023

Singular is Cedro Jeanswear’s new collection, which brings discreet luxury and the aesthetics of Brazilian modernism in articles that alternate neutral and vivid colors.

Origin | 01/2023

In May, Cedro Jeanswear launched its newest “Origin” collection, whose main concept is to value the versatility and style of jeans.

The collection features six new items – Lito Plus, Kali, Leminsk Power, Carter Plus, Pascal and Malti.

Generations | 02/2022

With trends inspired in street sports, neutral colors and the national fashion, the “Generations” Collection aims to re-discuss and reflect, through fashion, about the world, be it virtual or real. This collection also shows creations made by designers from all over the country, who are able to show, through a ‘capsule’ collection, their roots and references.

Essence | 01/2022

This collection values deep connections with the earth and the immaterial world, where the possibilities are endless. The human plurality, the natural, the strength of the real values that guide our lives. The truth in our essence in an interaction with the world we live in.

Reflexes | 02/2021

What do we see beyond the mirror? This collection invites us to recognize the multiple layers of our existence. The ancestry, the values of our people, our history and the strength to overcome. An intuitive dance in the search of our real identity.

Senses | 01/2021

Comfort and support coexisting in full harmony. The pieces guarantee the feeling of being customized for consumers. Inspired by “OP art” and “Kinetic Art,” this collection explores the fusion between art and urban fashion, in a changing and sensorial world.