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Since 1872, Cedro has weaved a trajectory of leadership in Brazil’s textile industry. We produce more than 80 million linear meters of fabrics with a consumption of 30 thousand tons of cotton per year. We generate 3,500 direct jobs that benefit 10,000 people, including employees and their dependents. More than weaving cotton, we weave relationships with our employees, customers, and suppliers. More than providing products, we weave beauty, technology, and protection. More than making business, we weave value, integrity and governance. More than boosting development, we weave a sustainable future. We are moved by the lessons accumulated in 150 years of history, as well as by the ability to reinvent ourselves and follow new paths.

The textile industry that dresses Brazil from end to end.

Ecossistema Ecossistema

Sustainability in the Textile Ecosystem


To do more with less, reduce environmental impacts, protect green areas, decrease the use of natural resources and treat waste. For us, sustainability is a practical commitment that is required throughout the entire production process. Cedro goes beyond speech and improves its operations, together with its employees, suppliers, customers and communities.

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Trust and Transparency for Investors

Cedro is a publicly held company, with its shares listed on B3 (CEDO3 and CEDO4). Strength, reliability, transparency and results. These aspects make Cedro a benchmark in the Brazilian textile sector.

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